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Instagram Takeover at share

Timo (18) from the boarding school Schloss Hansenberg in Geisenheim chose the right day for his visit at share in Berlin, which he won as a prize for the best video about the company: Every Monday, the share team kicks off the week with a joint breakfast—the perfect opportunity to get to know all of their colleagues for the day right off the bat. 

After breakfast and a short tour of the office, the day really started: For the rest of the day, Timo was handed the reins of share's Instagram channel. To do that, he first had to prepare some content: After filming an intro and outro, Timo conducted short interviews with team members from different departments such as product management, quality management, or event marketing. Then he had to get to work selecting, preparing, and posting.

With exciting insights into everyday working life at a social start-up and a few share merchandise items, Timo then made his way back home to Geisenheim.

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