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News / Award for best video about Covestro

Chemistry up close at Covestro

Adam (15), Béla (15), Konstantin (15), Leonie (16), Leontina (17), and Max (15) from the Leibnizschule school in Wiesbaden were given the award for best video about Covestro at our award ceremony in September. Their prize: a look behind the scenes of the materials manufacturer.

Accompanied by their teacher, Julia Kerschbaum, the six set off from Wiesbaden to Chempark Leverkusen on a nice Monday in October. The team was welcomed there by Patrick Herrmann and Nina Floßbach. Their first stop: the laboratory and technical center where the students learned a lot about how different types of plastic are manufactured. Plastics consisting of CO₂, among other things, are initially experimented with on a small scale in the lab. If they’re successful, they are produced in the technical center in larger quantities.

A special guest joined them for lunch: Christian Haessler, Head of Global Circular Economy Program. “We were able to ask any questions that came up while making the video; that helped us understand the company even better. Mr Haessler’s knowledge about the circular economy and his passion for it really impressed us,” Leonie reports.

After the team had fortified themselves, a special highlight awaited them: Through a so-called culvert, a tunnel for crossing under a river, they went deep below the Rhine. “That was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,” Leonie explains. “We were especially surprised that it only took three weeks to dig the tunnel.” Adam, Béla, Konstantin, Leonie, Leontina, and Max were able to document all the experiences of the day in an Instagram takeover.

Having gotten some great insight into Covestro’s work, professional souvenir photos of their visit, and lots of goodies, the team set off for home. “In a nutshell, the day we spent at Covestro was educational, exciting, fun, insightful, and a great experience!” sums up Leonie. “We were delighted to have our winning team from the b@s videochallenge visit us,” says Patrick Herrmann, Communications Officer Corporate Functions & Strategy at Covestro. “Getting a close-up look at the chemical industry at our headquarters in Leverkusen is not something you do every day. The students took the opportunity to pepper our experts with questions.”

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