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News / Prize 2019 - congstar

A Day at congstar

In September, Jule (18), Luca Marie (17), and Paulina (17) from Erzbischöfliche Liebfrauenschule in Cologne were awarded for the best video on the company congstar. The three girls won first place with their creative, hand-drawn film and concise analyses. Their prize: looking behind the scenes of congstar in Cologne for a day and helping to develop a social media campaign. 

In early December the day finally arrived: After a guided tour of the buildings and introduction of all the departments, the day really got started. The newest trend in the social media world, TikTok, has of course long been part of the portfolio for congstar, too. First, Jule, Luca Marie, and Paulina were allowed to get in front of the camera themselves for a short video. After that, the agenda turned to finding ideas for a TikTok challenge. The result is still top secret. 

Armed with a wealth of insights into the world of social media communication and several congstar goodies like sweaters and socks, the three made their way back home after an exciting day. 

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